* Once you've made your very first appointment with us, we do ask that you arrive 10 minutes earlier to fill out a client waiver form.

Types of Lash Services:

Classic Full Set Lash Extensions (3 hours)
Classic lashes are one extension applied to one natural lash only.  If it is your first time or it has been a while and you want more of a natural look, this may take up to three hours depending on the amount of natural lashes per eye.  Get comfortable!

  • Classic Re-Lash Extensions (1 hour 30 minutes) - Once you got your first full set of lashes in and depending on how active your lifestyle is, we do recommend you to come in for a re-lash appointment. A re-lash is about three weeks apart from your previous appointment. This time, it would be roughly 2 hours or less. If more than 60% of your lashes have fallen out, we would recommend getting a full-set. 
  • Classic Mini Re-Lash Extensions (1 hour) - Ahh, it has been just two weeks but you like it looking full at all times. The classic mini re-lash is every two weeks for who are very active or just prefers to have their lashes full. We do recommend an hour of your time. Perfect lash naps.  

Hybrid Full Set Lash Extensions (3 hours)
This is our newest service! For those of you who want lashes but can't decide on classic or volume? Why not get it both? The hybrid full set lash extensions will get you 50% classic and 50% volume. A great way to meet in the middle. We are sure your lashes would be happy. 

Hybrid Volume Upgrade Re-Lash Extensions (2 hours)
If you got your classic lashes in but decide in the future to do a upgrade, then this is the perfect transition to a full-blown volume or you can stick to having both. The hybrid volume upgrade works only for classic lash lovers that want to test out the volume lash extensions. 

Volume Full Set Lash Extensions (3 hours)
Volume is an extremely advance technique that only the experienced and highly skilled technician can over. We call these technicians "Senior Lash Stylist". Volume is the use of multiple ultra fine extensions, that are hand created at the time of application by the Senior Lash Stylist. The Senior Lash Stylist skillfully creates bouquets of eyelash extensions that are then placed onto the natural lash in a fanned effect to create extra coverage and fullness. You cannot create this with classic extensions. Majority of the time, you would have 4-5 extensions onto one natural lash. 

  • Volume Re-Lash Extensions (2 hours) - You got your volume full set lash extensions but you want to continue and upkeep it? This is a 3 week re-lash session that we highly recommend. Anything longer than 3 weeks or if 60% of your extensions are gone then you have waited too long my friend. 
  • Volume Mini Re-Lash Extensions (1 hour 30 minutes) - If you are obsessed with your lashes like us and want it looking amazing and full, we recommend the 2 week re-lash session. This is also great for those who are have an active lifestyle.

Lash Removal (25 minutes)
Two scenario's for a lash removal.

  1. You got your lashes done at another facility but you decide to head over to Boldface to continue your service. Nothing wrong with that UNLESS we feel that the lashes are not at our standard. If it is hard for our lash stylist to re-lash do to incorrect lashing, we would recommend a lash removal by us to get started. If this is the case, we will offer free lash removal with a full-set done by us. 
  2. You got your lashes done with us or another facility but didn't realize how sensitive your eyes are. It could be irritated for days, then it isn't normal. It happens to the best of us. Don't worry, come back to us and we will remove the lashes for you. There will be a set fee. 

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