If you read through our "Lash Talk" but you still have some questions, fear not, we are here to make your lash experience AMAZING. 

Q: What happens if my lashes have fallen out faster than normal and I am more bare before my appointment?
Depending on your natural lash cycle, your lashes may fall out more than normal or it could be your lifestyle. Whatever it is, please call us ahead of time so that we can make sure to service you properly and allow ourselves more time to get your lashes taken care of.

Q: What is seasonal eyelash shedding? Should I be worried?
Don’t you worry, it’s normal. Seasonal eyelash shedding happens twice a year. One in spring and one in Fall. Spring shedding is a bit more extreme in terms of falling out as our bodies prepare for the coming of warmth and humidity. The increase hair loss effects not only our lashes but our head as well. The body also will increase its oil production to keep that hair and your skin hydrated. With that increase oil production, your adhesive may weaken so using a daily lash cleanser will help retain your lashes.

Q: Is it safe to use oil-based products on my face with lash extensions?
Avoid oil-based makeup, cleansers, lotions, sunscreen etc. This will wear down your lash adhesive. 

Q: Can I still wear eyeliner and mascara?
Gel-based eyeliner is totally fine. Again, avoid the oil-based stuff. 
    We don't recommend wearing mascara because if it doesn't get cleaned properly, it will effect the adhesive. 

Q: Is there something I can use to clean my lashes daily?
Yes, after every lash session, we will give you a new spooly. We recommend you brush your lashes at least twice a day. Morning and night and in between is even better. You may have a tendency to touch, pick or pull your lashes but avoid doing that. Your natural oils from your fingers will strip away the adhesive. Constantly brush your lashes and you will be fine!

Q: I got my lashes done at another lash establishment but can I schedule a re-lash with you?
That is such a great question. We constantly get asked this all the time. We get it, sometimes your favorite lash stylish is unavailable or maybe you just feel like it isn’t the right fit for you. Whatever the case is, you are in desperate need of a re-lash. We are more than happy to do a consultation with you to examine your lashes. If your lash extensions (from another establishment) does not fit our standards as we feel that the health of your lash is our main priority, we may ask you to do a lash removal (at no charge) and to schedule a full-set with us. If our lash stylish feels that your lashes have been well taken care of, we would be honored to re-lash them for you. Each Lash Stylist is different and the answer will be dependent on the person who consults and examines you.