Q: What is threading?
A: Threading removes your facial hair straight from the roots, leaving your skin free of unwanted hair. Similar to waxing, except we are using thread to pull unwanted hair. 

Q: What is a full face threading?
A: A full face threading session take about 30-40 minutes and it removes unwanted facial hair from your eyebrow, forehead, sides, cheeks, nose, upper and lower lip as well as your chin.

Q: How long does face threading last?
A: Depending on where you thread, if you are on any vitamins or medications, and your hair type, a full re-growth of facial hair can be anywhere from 2 to 6 weeks. 

Q: If I continue to do facial threading, would it grow back finer?
A: Your hair will grow back sparse and finer after repeated threading because your hair is pulled from the root which will get weakened through this continual process. 

Q: What are some tips to protect my skin and minimize pain and redness?
TIP:  After you are done with threading, make sure to wash your face with cold water in order to minimize the skin irritation or an ice cube can also act as a soothing element caused by threading. 

TIP: Avoid at all cost touching your skin after threading. When you remove hair, your skin becomes extra sensitive. The bacteria in your hands can react with your irritated skin causing rashes, redness or even breakouts. If this happens, we recommend a gentle anti-bacterial face wash. 

TIP: After your threading session is completed, always try to apply a light nourishing moisturizer to calm your skin down. It is very important to pick something that is free of perfume or any alcohol. Do not use any abrasive cleansers or exfoliator. 

TIP: Applying rose water and natural oils like coconut oil can act as a mild factor to make your skin less red and more fresh. Aloe Vera can also give a great soothing effect as well. 

Q: Am I able to go directly into the sun after my threading session is over?
A: Avoid sunlight. I know it is tough living in Hawaii but if you must, make sure to wear a hat or oversized sunglasses to prevent your skin from any sort of irritation such as inflammation and itching after threading. 

Q: Will getting a steam facial right after threading help open my pores?
A: Many may think its a good idea but this can cause some bad results. Your skin is inflamed from the pressure of the thread so we wouldn't recommend a steam facial.